Muzzle Velocity 620 m/s
Ammunition Capacity 5 Rounds
Ammunition 8x50mmR
Fire Mode Bolt Action
Range 500 m
Recoil Light
Length 127.2 cm
Weight 3.78 kg
Cost $33
The Traun is a Bolt Action Rifle produced by Anschluss Werndl GmbH.

Design Edit

The Traun is based off the Mannlicher M1895.

Overview Edit

The Traun is unusual in being a straight-pull bolt action rifle. Thus, it has a greater rate of fire than many other bolt action rifles, but does have some reliability problems in particularly filthy conditions such as in a large amount of mud. Additionally, the Traun employs en-bloc clips rather than stripper clips. This speeds up reloading to a degree, and when the last round is fired, the clip drops out the bottom of the rifle.

However, earlier variants of the Traun are chambered in the older 8x50mmR round, which has a lower muzzle velocity because of its round-nosed bullets. This can be rectified by rechambering or buy purchasing the later variants of the Traun, which are chambered in more modern cartridges.

Variants Edit

Traun Rövid Edit

Traun Rövid

A short rifle version of the Traun. Has a length of length of 100.3 cm and a weight of 3.09 kg. The Rövid version is more useful for mounted troops or for special troops like assault troops.

Traun Karabély

Traun Karabély Edit

The carbine version of the Traun has the same length as the short rifle, though it has a weight of only 2.95 kg. It, however, lacks a bayonet lug.

Traun Mesterlövész Edit

Traun Mesterlövész

The main difference between the Mesterlövész variant and the regular rifle is the telescopic scope mounting. It is offset to the left in order to allow the loading of en-bloc clips into the rifle.