Top Speed 42 km/h
Crew 2
Operational Range 200 km
Armor 6-40mm
Weight 7.50 Tons
Main Armament 20mm Autocannon
Secondary Armament 8mm Machine Gun
Suspension Torsion-bar
Engine 70 HP Gasoline I4
Cost $19250
The Tivoli is a Light Tank.

Design Edit

The Tivoli is based off the Fiat L6/40.

Crew Edit

The Tivoli has a small crew of two, but this means that one of the crew members is rather overloaded. The Commander also acts as the Gunner, Radio Operator and Loader.

Commander Edit

The Commander sits in the turret. However, he is very overworked in comparison to other tanks. The Commander has to load and fire both weapons, as well as operating the radio and commanding the tank. Thus, a very proficient Commander is needed to efficiently operate the vehicle.

Driver Edit

The Driver sits below the commander and can see through a vision port to drive. The Tivoli is a very fast and small Light Tank, which is something that Drivers of other tanks may be unaccustomed to.