The Blue Centrists (Das Blau Zentristen) are a German Faction in Battery Mode. It is one of the Secondary Seven.

Organization Edit

The Blue Centrist's main rifle cartridge is 7.65x53mm, though some of its weapons use the older 6.5x54mm round. Their main pistol cartridge is 7.65x17mmSR.

Rifle Section Edit

The Blue Centrists utilize the Light Rifle Section organization, with two fire teams of six men each. The Blue Centrists, being a relatively wealthy faction, can afford to arm the majority of their soldiers with Self Loading Rifles, though each fire team usually has a Repeater Rifle for firing rifle grenades. Very occasionally, personal preference can cause more soldiers to be equipped with Repeaters as well.

The Blue Centrist's first fire team is led by the section leader, an NCO, whilst the second is led by his assistant. Both of these leaders carries carbines. The fire teams center around the automatic rifle, which is carried and fired by one man whilst a second carries additional ammunition and a rifle. One of the three other men carries a rifle grenade adapter for his rifle, whilst the other two carry rifles. Sometimes, one of these last two men have an optical sight for their rifle, though this is rare.