There are many powerups available in Battery Mode. These can be acquired in multiple different ways; by completing a certain challenge, by picking them up in the map or by killing an enemy to take their's.

Powerup Types Edit

There are a few types of powerups in Battery Mode.

Offensive Edit

Offensive powerups improve the player's offensive ability, such as increasing damage or critical hits.

Brawn Edit

Damage increased by 50% on all weapons. No damage falloff.

Momentum Edit

Movement speed increased by 40%. Reload time and weapon switch time reduced by 50%.

Precision Edit

Weapon accuracy increased by 75%. No damage falloff.

Dexterity Edit

All movements unlocked and reduced in speed by 25%. Weapon's handling stats doubled.

Defensive Edit

Defensive powerups improve the player's defensive ability, such as decreasing incoming damage.

Vitality Edit

Incoming damage decreased by 50%. All damage ramp-up cancelled.

Team Edit

Team powerups apply the effect of the powerup to all nearby team members, though the effect is generally less extreme than individual powerups.

Resupply Edit

Refills ammo reserves of the weapons currently being held by teammates in a small radius.