Magazine Carriers are useful for supplying crew-served weaponry that utilizes a magazine, such as Automatic Rifles, Light Machine Guns and Anti-tank Rifles. They are also useful for carrying extra ammunition, though they are a bit cumbersome to acquire new magazines from on the fly.

Small Magazine Carriers Edit

Small Magazine Carriers carry under five magazines. These are versatile and it is advisable for the Assistant Gunner of every Light Machine Gun or Automatic Rifle to carry one.

Vilhelm Oluf M1902 Magazine Carrier Edit

The M1902 is a sturdy leather carrier, it being able to carry four thirty round magazines for a Light Machine Gun. It is unable to be adapted for any other size of magazine because of its shape. The M1902 has a strap allowing it to be slung around either shoulder, as well as a buckle on the rear that allows it to be clipped to a belt or webbing.