A Kill Assist is awarded when a player deals a reasonable amount of damage to an enemy who is then killed by a teammate. Kill Assists generally award 25 points, however, if the player did more than 85% damage to the enemy, then they are awarded the kill, and the person who technically killed them gets an assist.

Example Edit

Assist demonstration
  1. A friendly player named Assister is damaging an enemy named Enemy.
  2. The player, named Killer, then damages Enemy to the point that they are killed.

Result Edit

  • Killer is awarded a kill.
  • Assister is awarded a Kill Assist for damaging Enemy, but not more than 85%.
  • Killer + Assister (Assister's Weapon) Enemy is displayed on the killfeed, showing that Killer did the damage that killed Enemy, and that Assister helped damage them.