Top Speed 19 km/h
Crew 7
Operational Range 140 km
Armor 228-33mm
Weight 87 Tons
Main Armament 94mm High Velocity Gun
Secondary Armament 3x 7.92mm Machine Guns
Suspension Torsion-bar
Engine 600 HP Gasoline V12
Cost $123000
The Fazeley is a Heavy Assault Gun.

Design Edit

The Fazeley is based off the A39 Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank.

Crew Edit

The Fazeley can have up to seven crew members, though two are usually bots; the two loaders. The other five positions include the commander, driver, gunner, and two machine gunners.

Machine Gunner One Edit

The first Machine Gunner sits to the left of the massive gun, and fires a 7.92mm Machine Gun through a Ball Mounting, which can fire 35° in any direction. This machine gun is most useful for defending the front in front of the vehicle from close-in infantry attacks.

Machine Gunner Two Edit

The second Machine Gunner fires two 7.92mm Machine Guns remotely from the bottom of the tank. The two machine guns can rotate through 360°, though they do not have much ability to shoot anything that is below the sides of the tank because of its height. Therefore, they can only be used to engage targets that are farther away from the tank.