Muzzle Velocity 330 m/s
Ammunition Capacity 8 Rounds
Ammunition 9x23mm Hungarian
Fire Mode Semi-automatic
Range 50 m
Recoil Light-Moderate
Length 21.6 cm
Weight 1.2 kg
Cost $17
The Demecser is a Pistol produced by Anschluss Werndl GmbH.

Design Edit

The Demecser is based off the Steyr M1912.

Performance Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Powerful cartridge
  • Good for point-shooting
  • Light trigger pull
  • No need to purchase magazines
  • Impossible to lose magazine
  • Extremely durable, few moving parts

Neutral Edit

  • Loaded by stripper clips

Disadvantages Edit

  • Lack of detachable magazine
  • Somewhat high bore axis
  • Rather heavy
  • No grip safety