Control Point Superiority is a Game Type in Battery Mode. Control Point Superiority is somewhat similar to Control Point Domination.

Gameplay Edit

In Control Point Superiority, certain control points are worth much more than other ones. Maps can have from Seven to Fourteen control points. In the center of the map is one control point which is worth the most out of all the other control points. If a team holds this central control point, the control points on their side of the map are locked.

Once the center control point is captured, another 'set' of control points (generally two to three of them) unlock on the side of the map that does not control the central point. If these two points are captured, then the next and final 'set' unlocks. If these control points are captured, the team holding the central point wins.

However, the central control point is never locked, and if it is captured by the opposing team at any time, the points on their side of the map lock, no matter who holds them.