Control Point Domination is a Game Type in Battery Mode. It is broadly similar to Territorial Control, but does have some differences.

Gameplay Edit

In Control Point Domination, there are seven capture points on the map. The outer two capture points on either side of the map are locked at the beginning. The three capture points in the middle of the map are unlocked, and one team must capture and hold at least 2 of the three points in the middle of the map for a certain period. After that period is up, the control points on the side of the team that is losing unlock. The winning team may then capture both of them and win the game.

However, if the losing team captures at least two of the three middle points whilst their control points are unlocked, they lock again and the two points on their side lock.

As in many Game Types, a Front Line is formed by linking together adjacent primary and secondary objectives. Forming a Front Line makes it more difficult for the opposing team to capture the points linked together.

Secondary objectives are also extremely important in Control Point Domination, like in many Game Types. For example, holding a vital bridge, supply dump or a strategic point can help capture a control point faster or hold it better.

Maps Edit

War maps are identified by a cpd_ prefix.

Harbor is a large map, set in and around a large port area.