Muzzle Velocity 634 m/s
Ammunition Capacity 5 Rounds
Ammunition 7.65x53mm
Fire Mode Bolt Action
Range 500 m
Recoil Light
Length 124.7 cm
Weight 3.85 kg
Cost $29
The Balcarce is a Bolt Action Rifle produced by Association d'Armes Légères.

Design Edit

The Balcarce is based off the Mauser Model 1891.

Performance Edit

Advantages Edit

  • On shorter side of long rifles
  • Reliable, rugged design
  • Problematic barrel shroud of Bastogne omitted
  • Cock-on-closing feature allows for faster rate of fire than similar designs
  • One piece trigger-and-magazine unit reduces chances of snag in battle

Neutral Edit

  • Mounts 17 inch bayonet
  • Somewhat mild ammunition

Disadvantages Edit

  • Carrying is difficult because magazine is on point of balance
  • Older design